Smooth and well flavored BBQ at your fingertips? Food covered in addictive sauces that excite the taste bud? That’s exactly what Li’s China Grill is all about. Close your eyes and experience different meat and fish textures and be engrossed in the atmosphere. Their feature dishes will make you feel like you’ve traveled to China, had a small bite to eat, and come right back to Vancouver.

想要来点滋滋作响的烧烤美味?还想要让人上瘾的酱料?你找的就是烤之味了。在这里,闭上眼睛感受丰富的烤肉质感,沉浸 于香味缭绕之中吧!他们的主打菜更是地道无比,让客人仿佛置身中国,流连忘返。

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