From October 15th to the 30th, 2016 over thirty restaurants will be featuring their unique dishes to customers across the Lower Mainland for under $20, $30, and $40. Chopstick Fest highlights the sophistication and complexity of Chinese cuisine.

The festival allows our participants to look beyond well-known favourites like Dimsum and Kung Pao Chicken; we have made it our mission to include a variety of regional Chinese cuisines from the nine major culinary areas of Mainland China and Taiwan.

  1. The list of participating restaurants can NOW be found on our restaurants page
  2. Starting October 12th you can call the restaurants to make your reservation OR you can walk in to try the Chopstick Fest Menu
  3. Enjoy a meal that has been specifically crafted to showcase each region’s specialties along with the restaurant’s own signature dishes.

During the course of the event, Chopstick Fest will be releasing recipes and videos to help participants better understand how the dishes are created and the history and passion local chefs put behind creating them. These videos give viewers an exclusive behind the scenes look at how cooks are transforming Vancouver into one of the best places in the world for Chinese food.

The 2016 ChopstickFest Organizing Committee
Alex Wan, Jenn Hau, Matt Lim, Matt Reichel, Edmond Leung and Mina Chen